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About Us

Providing the Best eGift Experience

At Pakgiftcardsupply, we are devoted to providing a quality service that takes the guessing out of gift giving, takes the stress out of fundraising, and replaces it with the ingenuity of changing the way we approach eCommerce in an age where everything seems to be ever shifting.

The world seems to be a busier place at all times as we go about our daily lives, with the things we are required to do rapidly eating up the precious hours of our days. As I’m sure everyone feels, if there is a way to make just one thing out of your day easier, faster, and with better results, of course you would jump on it! We seek to provide a gift giving experience that allows you to quickly and easily provide the gift to a friend or loved one, that lets them get exactly what they want, every time. With our digital delivery options, we can also alleviate the stress of timeframes and deadlines by getting your gift directly to the recipient, immediately after you place your order.

We want to reinvent the way organizations approach charity causes and fundraising as well. Pakgiftcardsupply has specialized programs available for reselling our gift cards, helping provide a source of income for these fundraising organizations by promoting their cause through the use of a product that gives back to your supporters in a meaningful way!

99Gameshop is comprised of a team of ecommerce experts based out of Austin, Texas, who are dedicated to making gift giving and fundraising more simple and manageable through the sale of egift cards. Our developers and our customer service team alike have built this business through the understanding of what things are like from the consumer perspective, so as to better anticipate a customer’s needs. We are eager to show you why our customer’s never leave disappointed.