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About Karma Koin Karma Koin was launched by Nexon America to enable payment for online games and music without having a credit card. Transforming your cash into the virtual currency and the best part is you do not even need an account or a credit card to use it. This makes it one of the most suitable payment methods for young gamers who do not have a bank account. It’s also perfect for parents who want to keep track of their kids’ spending. In addition, for every spending Karma Koin contributes to charity causes. One great feature of Karma Koin is any balance not spend can be use in your next purchase. You cancombine two Karma Koin Cards at their website to get a bigger balance. Karma Koin was formerly known as Nexon Game Card. So if you love gaming, or have friends and family who do, why not get Karma Koin for yourself or as a gift for someone? Karma Koin is available in USD10, USD25, USD50 and USD100 on SEAGM.com. Get it today to enhance your gaming experience! Where is Karma Koin accepted? Karma Koin can be used to pay for in-game content for over 20 different game publishers. You can use your prepaid credits for Nexon Cash in games such as MapleStory, Gold or Doubloons in World of Tanks or World of Warships and many other games. How to check Karma Koin balance? Head over to the card balance page on Karma Koin’s website and put in your card’s code in the “Enter PIN” field. Clink on “Check Balance” and your balance credit will appear on your screen. Will my Karma Koin balance expire? No, it will not expire. Your card and funds do not have an expiration date so you are free to use them whenever you want to. How to combine Karma Koin cards? Did you know that you can combine as many cards as you want as long as the balance of the second card does not exceed $500 or €400? To do this, head to the Karma Koin combine balance page. Enter the PIN codes of 2 cards at the available fields at the same time and confirm your entry. How to use Karma Koin? Choose Karma Koin as the payment method at the online game or music sites that accepts Karma Koin. Enter Karma Koin card code to pay. Once successful, your purchase will be successfu

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